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Thread: Is this order form safe?

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    Is this order form safe?

    Hi guys, I'm ordering from a theatre supplies website and I was just wondering before I submit my details if its safe, because I don't really know how to tell... Is there a way?

    Lemme know asap please

    - Soul

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    RenaissanceGirl's Avatar
    I am Jack's wasted life.
    One way to tell is to look at the URL on your browser. If it says "https" instead of "http" you should be ok. Someone correct me on this if I am wrong.

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    Nope, its http://

    Wanna see the site?

    - Soul

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    Its not a secure Form, so I wouldn't give any information that you wouldn't want given out... credit card numbers... address... ect...

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    and yes RenniGurl. You are right:

    the secure ones have a


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    Damn, so you think I shouldn't. I really need something from the site

    - Soul

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    I wouldn't. You can't find what you need anywhere else? What are you looking for?

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    Send them an e-mail to see why they didn't use a secured page. . . .
    I'll Eat All the Babies!

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    I'm sure its because they don't know any better, and also because secured pages cost money to have.

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    I am buying some breakaway bottles to use in a film I'm making. There a few places, but its the only one I can find in the UK!

    How about if I get the email from the HTML and then send my order to the email directly, is that safer?

    - Soul

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    The secure pages must be hosted on a secure server:

    here is a little more:

    and my google search:

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    No. The e-mail could probably be hacked faster than the form page. If they have a phone number then call them.

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    Well I really need to buy it so I'm going to have to use the form.

    - Soul

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    RenaissanceGirl's Avatar
    I am Jack's wasted life.
    Ok... just know that you could risk having your credit card stolen and completely charged up the ying yang. I hope these break away bottles are worth the risk!

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    Its not my credit card, I'll take the risk Haha

    I'm sure it'll be fine, thanks for your help everyone!

    - Soul

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