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Thread: wtf

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    who is this

    moderating duties

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    No clue, but all that they can see is an error screen with a log-in area.

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    lost ur scary

    edit: actually whos online is scary......all movements watched and recorded by secret police

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    LOL, I am being serious. It was tested. When trying to view moderating duties when not a moderator, it doesn't work.

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    i tried editing ur post and in whos online all i got was editing post.....i want my name to say Moderating Duties

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    LOL wont cut it........tell me how!!

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    I am not saying.

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    i'll figure it out then you will be sorry!!!

    come on please tell me?? please??? PLEASE????

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    i told you you would be sorry

    are you sorry now??

    are you??

    see my name?? it says moderating duties and yours DOESNT!!! HAHAHAHAHAH

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    LOL, congrats... weirdo


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    i want to be a moderator:-\

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    What for?

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    i dont know. but it would be kind of cool to be one.

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    Not very convincing...

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