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Thread: can someone plz help me makea platform game plz

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    can someone plz help me makea platform game plz

    can someone help me make a platform game im a newb in flash

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    Its not that easy.
    Thast can just say do this and that.

    Start off by learning the Hittest,BUTTONS,THEN ETC.
    I mean you have to learn before you do one big thing.

    Just like saying before yuou walk you crawl.
    Before you Fly you glide.Before you play a game you need the controls.

    So for making a game its saying.
    Before you make PLatform game you leatn the code.

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    Guig0's Avatar
    back from hell


    you keyboard must be in pieces...

    but i agree with ya!

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    still looking for some one ill do it for you.
    (PM me)

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    If he's not learnt the basic AS skills during the last seven years, then I doubt he'd be able to grasp the complexities of sending a PM.
    2006-11 GlosRFC - Searching 8,168,684,336 brain cells

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