I have an online Timecard system that I built, but have not done any user documentation for. I am looking for a freelance Flash developer to build a tutorial Flash movie explaining to the user how to use the system.

The users of this Timcard application are Temporary employees my company has placed at different companies. Their computer skills very, but most are not computer litterate at all. Currently, my recruiters or I have to personally walk each new Temp through the system! We just are too busy for this to be an option anymore. I think a Flash movie would be a much better solution to teach them how to use the system than a simple paper manual.

If you think you are interested in doing this, email me aaron@NO_SPAMezrecruiter.com Remove the NO_SPAM from my email address. I will create a sample account for you to play around with the system and basic instructions on how it works. If you would then like to take on this project, email me price requirements and the time frame you think it will take.

I invision a Flash movie that will walk the user through the system from start to finish, but also break the instuctions up into sections so the user can jump around to specific parts.

The way I have hired freelancers in the past (such as web designers) is to have anyone interested in the project build the basic design and submit it to me. Then based on each persons design and price requirments, I will pick the one I want to do it. In this case, the people who can get it done the quickest will have a better chance of getting the project because I need it yesterday.

The person that does this project for me will probably see more Flash work come from me because while I have a handful of web designers, none of them know Flash.