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Thread: Howd he do this? Resizing slideshow

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    Flash can reduce the size (scale) of images quite well but not as well as Photoshop, which is what I used to create the thumbnails in this case.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have not used ps for this purpose. I used dw once to make a photo album and the default thumbnails it gave me were like 2k for the size 100 by 75. ps or dw, this is the general approach then. Am I correct?

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    Fireworks works best for me

    Say you have a folder of photographs that you want to make thumnails for.

    In Fireworks you can go to File>Batch Process

    and you browse to your folder of photos, ADD ALL (or however many you want to make thumbnails of, you can pick and choose if you like)

    NEXT> then choose SCALE and on the bottom where there are options you can choose what size to make them - like all 72 pixels high or 100 pixels high.

    If some of your photos are vertical and some horizontal, then there is the option of "FIT TO AREA" where you can select that no thumbnail be more than a certian number of pixels high or wide. That way your thumbnails wont be distorted.

    Then you hit "EXPORT" and you tell it which compression size to make each thumbnail so they will load even faster.

    Then you hit NEXT and you will want to send the finished thumbnail images to a new folder so as not to overwrite your full sized images then you just hit batch and WHALAH! It automatically creates all your thumbnails for you - whether ther are 10 or 100.

    If you dont have Fireworks, i would recommend even downloading the trial for 30 days just to make use of this awesome and time saving tool.

    Thats what I use!

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    I have fire works, but never used it for this purpose. This is nice to know. thanks.

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    i use it for this all the time - love it! its so easy!

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    I will definitely use it.

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    Robot Cartel - Gallery images loading strangely.

    Hello... I'm making a gallery for my band's website using the '' fla posted in this thread. When the thumbnails are pressed, the movie clip resizes to almost nothing and the pictures load in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Please check out this link:

    If you double-click on the pictures, they show up correctly. Any ideas?

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    Maybe it's because it's not checking it's width before resizing.
    Change your prototype loadPic in this:
    MovieClip.prototype.loadPic = function(pic) {
    	_root.containerMC._alpha = 0;
    	_root.onEnterFrame = function() {
    		var t = containerMC.getBytesTotal(), l = containerMC.getBytesLoaded();
    		if (t != 0 && Math.round(l/t) == 1 && containerMC._width != 0) {
    			var w = containerMC._width+spacing, h = containerMC._height+spacing;
    			border.resizeMe(w, h);
    			delete this.onEnterFrame;

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    Thank you so much, Scotty! I had been trying to figure that out for a week. Now I can finally move on to the rest of the site! What a life saver. Thanks again, and take care!

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    You're welcome

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    This is great. This is perfect.
    How can I add a loading message when its loading a image ?

    Thank you very much.

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    nice to see someone else looking at

    his new site, is amazing. sweet patterns

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    Hello pipl...

    I was wondering about this: / 45. slide pages 2

    How do you do this, i partially understand the navigation but how do you put the
    contents onto the mask? I have downloaded some examples on this but i cant seem
    to get it. If anyone gets it please explain in short (if its not a problem), any links
    would be helpful (where do you download the expainations/flas on the projects
    on podlob2 (i like slidepages2 and mask transitions -> i cant seem to understand
    masks and contents -> i understand the theory but i cant seem to make it happen,
    in part by the limitations of my 14" monitor...


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    I'm having trouble getting the height from the loaded image... my script is a little different... a lot more messed up, but I don't have time to go back and change everything, so...

    I have the thumbnail/buttons on another "page" (frame) and when the thumbnail is clicked, you are taken to specific frame with the photo_loader (my containerMC)
    here is the code:

    onClipEvent (load) {
    photo_loader.loadMovie("examples/photo/event/amcel_medium.jpg", 0, "GET");
    _root.serve_contents.photo_button.photo_background _image.subpages.photo_examples_bg._height = photo_loader._height;

    it works, kind of, in that it resizes the border (photo_examples_bg), but it is resizing it to 1, so its just a line.

    if anyone can help I'd appreciate it, thanks.

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    It's because you define the height when the picture isn't loaded yet.
    Try onEnterFrame
             _root.serve_contents.photo_button.photo_background_image.subpages.photo_examples_bg._height = photo_loader._height;
    something like that, else post your fla


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