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Thread: logo opinions

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    Me cago en quien lee esto

    logo opinions

    I made this logo for a xbox forum, what do u think, should I add something or not, or redesign the whole thing, please tell me whatever its in ur head, thanks!
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    Looks good dude... might wanna try to match that green up a little better to the "X-box green".....

    Maybe put an embossed capsule feel to it as well..

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    Me cago en quien lee esto
    What about this one... which one its better?
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    i dont like the drop shadow, but I like the solid colour of the second version.

    and .com kinda looks off, maybe try to put it rotated vertically along the side of the shape.

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    ditto.. ya got it if you do all that bro...

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    Me cago en quien lee esto
    oh, I like the .com off the shape, I thought it was a nice touch , Ill try differents things and show them here soon, please keep suggestions and critics coming, theyre very very helpful! and thanks soulty and jay-em

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    i'm echoing what was already said. The solid green and no
    shadow is the strongest out of the 2 here. I like the .com off
    the side, but I's like to see it up the side as well. To be honest,
    it took me a second to figure out what the shape was.

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    Hey dude.. Ya might wanna try creating the shapes that are on the controller but very simple....?

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    Something like this except no drop shadow:
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    that wasn't what i was thinking what you all were saying, and I'm
    not too fond of that TBH. I thought you meant to take the entire
    name and go up the side in white, inside the green.

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    OH! I thought you just meant the .com. My baddddddd....

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    yeah i meant that, but actually unflux idea is better, try that.

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    berkoWitZ's Avatar
    Me cago en quien lee esto
    thanks for all the replies! herere some changes, please tell me which one u like... THANKS!
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    I think you should do something to define the shape a little more. I had to look for a second to figure it out. Maybe do a simplified vector of a controller and make it varying shades of green that match the xbox green, over your existing green square. I think this logo really does not say video games like you are trying to. That is my .02. I actually have an excellent concept in my head, but.....this is not my logo ....but this is a good start.

    Maybe give us a taste of the forum it will be used in.

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    Me cago en quien lee esto
    yes, actually Im not totally happy with the design, Im trying new things right now.....the forum its all in spanish, but if u want to take a look

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