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Thread: Dance Dance Revolution / Stepmania thread

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    Dance Dance Revolution / Stepmania thread

    Hey guys,
    I'm a huge video game fan and because of that, I started playing DDR about 2 years ago.
    I'm pretty good, and I wondered if there are any of you who play this game seriously?
    If we have enough people, maybe we can start a cult!
    I dance Heavy, and my favorite songs or: Be Lovin, Cow Girl, Senorita, Witch Doctor, and Dakki Nakki!

    If y'all don't know what StepMania is...
    It's an extremley addicting version of DDR for the computer!
    You can download thousands of songs and play them!
    You can choose to play with the keyboard ( lazy, yes i know, but very very fun and helps you understand the beats ), or you can purchase the USB PS2 connecter, and hook it up!
    You have to download StepMania and download the songs.

    Go to



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    thoriphes's Avatar
    Puttin' the 'utility' back into 'futility'
    I tried both games. I can't play DDR. I almost always end up making a fool of myself if I attempt to. I have a friend who's insane in DDR.

    I can play almost any other beat game that doesn't require me moving my feet.
    ...teeming with souls shall it ever be...

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    yea, i am a HUGE ddr'er. I dont acually own any ps2 versions, but i just got ultramix (which is pretty good btw). My fav songs would have to probuly be Tsugaru, Healing Vision, Burning Heat (great great song), and Colors (by dj taka). I dont play stepmania though. At our local mall, in the arcade, we have a ddr machiene that i DDR at all the time.

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    Aw, sweet!
    Finally, a Kirupian with some DDr skills.
    Thats cool man, Burning Heat is really great song, yet I haven't gotten used to the steps, to me there a little off beat. But I just got to practice it more! thx +_+


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    Well burning heat is really easy on both light and standard. Now, heavy is real challenge.

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    Yah I know,
    standard is easy on every song, haha, well except, it is a little hard on max 300. I can't do it on heavy, I always fail on the totally hard part.
    But a really fun song is Matsuri Japan! Aw its great! I love the gallop, just like in CowGirl!


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    iLikePie's Avatar
    anyone played some of the oldskool stuff (i.e DDR4 or 5)?

    I used to play, but it was very expensive
    My fave songs were dynamite rave (painful on maniac - 9 foot) and era (8foot, with a slowdown bit)...
    anyway, i guess i'm too outdated when it comes to this now!

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    Japan is awesome. Well, pretty much any ddr song with gallops is awesome. I agree that max 300 is ... well really hard. I like orion 78 (think thats it), but the harder verison is the civilization mix of it, which is a challenge. Another great song (which to my knowledge is only on ultramix) is 'ready steady go'

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    Ahh Yay! a ddr thread! I love ddr i haven't played in a long time but i really wanna get back into it
    Yeah i agree that max 300 is probably one of the hardest songs ive seen. I havent played in a long time and can only do a 5 footer

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    Originally posted by I am the Noah
    Ahh Yay! a ddr thread! I love ddr i haven't played in a long time but i really wanna get back into it
    Yeah i agree that max 300 is probably one of the hardest songs ive seen. I havent played in a long time and can only do a 5 footer
    Noah..why is it that of all the topics I looked at, you already posted ?? >.< (Hope you're getting better )

    Yeah, DDR is nice. I started not too long ago and very much liking it. I'm getting a home pad for my Stepmania, but I lost all my files when my hard drive got wiped out.
    So does anyone know a good site to download the DWI and the songs?

    hmm..I don't think I have a fav yet. I like the Paranoia, Trip-machine, and Max series. Right now I have a Fetish for "Daikenkai" ^^

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    Geeze, I downloaded stepmania, and then spent like an hour trying to find a site that actually worked with songs, and once I finally did and got them installed they would just crash the frickin program. That thing was horrible. I really wish it worked because I want to play now, but noo!

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    Ah!~ DakkiNakki!!!! I love that song to hell. I can get a A on heavy in my mall. That song is so sweet man.
    Guys, if you need DWI's go to and go to songs! A great plave is DWI palace.
    I have about 450 songs right now, and currently looking for more.
    If you want, I can post some good DWI's on my website for y'all to download. thx +_+


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    What does Daikenkai mean? I'm cluless as to what the song is about..but it still sounds rawkin.
    I've been downloading my files from
    They have all the bumper packs, but it's a hell to download. I could use some good sites for download, preferably packs. Thanks!

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    I've actually wondered what it means also. But beside the point, it's just a great song.
    Here are some cool sites download some PIMP songs : *

    (^ The website above, click on authors on right toolbar^) ( < Very Good )

    ( ^ Navigate through toolbars to simfiles, they currently have series 1 and 2.)



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    Hey, DDR is the Best game ever!!
    I say start a cult!

    We dont have DDR in sweden, japan has given us some f**ked up version called dancing stage....but it works, its got some neat songs such as Healing vision, exotic ethnic, era and of course max300 ^-^. Only been playing for some months now though....
    but Plz, starta a cult

    Or i could start one...

    Knowledge is overrated...

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