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Thread: design in progress :) check it out !

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    final design any suggestions?

    also got

    also got

    im leaning more towards 3

    any suggestions

    the top left with the white inside will be a picture of him . in a 2 tone black white type style like the nocturnal brushes i used, i dont know how to do that effect someth
    ing like

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    I like shawn3.jpg -

    it looks more underground and perfect for a DJ - depending on what what style of music is to be included, nice work!
    the other 2 are a little to clean and sharp for my liking

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    #3 is great. killer logo, man. did you create that? what did you make it in?

    as for suggestions, i see this site kickin' with smaller, simple buttons (kirupaforum-like), slight flashing rollovers, mellow-hi-tek sounds, and a continuation of greys for the color scheme.

    great work.

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    the graphic artist did it in illustrator, was wondering if the font was too small... since htis is going to be on a CD for him to distribute his stuff. All bells and whistles will ofcourse be technoish. Was wondering what i can put in the actual background

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    The text 'dj extraordinaire' is perfectly legible

    as for the image of the dj - try using the cutout filter in photoshop - it gives you that kind of crobar style -

    if your thinking of other things for the background think musical - speakers, microphones and headphones, just an idea.

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    ok off topic but how do you guides fo have the design done.Do ya draw it or is it really the site under development?

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    what??? guides?!

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    lol sorry bout that (LMAO)i meant "guys do"
    lol wow dats sad ....i should read my pre-post b4 i actually post it.

    Like im creating my 1st real personal flash site but i drew it on notebook paper(LOL).Do ya it draw/design it on photoshop..etc.?

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    Like im creating my 1st real personal flash site but i drew it on notebook paper(LOL).Do ya it draw/design it on photoshop..etc.?
    __________________________________________________ __

    Well its always a start for anyone just new using a pen and paper and layering out whats going to be where, colors, etc. But basically you just need to play around with filters, layer style and using the tools given in [ps] or illustrator and keep adjusting effects and text. But first, ask yourself what you what to be created and work from there.

    An example is a tutorial, raven media i think, which is located in Ultrashock's insight forum. If you have time, go look at it, you will be amazed how simple the layout is when you actually see the step by step procedure. But of course, if the tut wasnt around, you would think it was techincal, uhh uhh

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    Heres an update of the design , I have yet to show the client because he is currently on tour but , ive gotten good responses or newest edition

    i still am wondering what to do with the light blue background it looks plain to me maybe add some turn signals or something unf!

    Whatchu guys think?!

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    hi pares101 did you do the new york landmark in photoshop like i said (cutout) or did you try something else? It looks good ether way

    Not to keen on the bluring of the logo all the attention goes on that - sorry no ideas for a menu system - but i'm sure you'll find something that works!

    Good Luck

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    thnx for the heads up[ minimalistik. ]Nice tut

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    actually not cut out , but i used thresh hold to get the desired effect , i blurred the logo to signify that its going to go from blurred to normal really fast...

    check out shawn8.jpg for the latest on what i got done

    and i know for a cool menu system $#@K$@#L:K$#@ WOOHOO wow im brilliant!


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    Hey Guys/Gals/Monsters/Weirdos

    Welp i think my brilliant idea is finished ehhehe and here it is!

    now i jsut gotta flash it

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    Nice Idea Pares101 - I knew you'd think of something - let us know when you have a completed flash movie - i'll check it out some time.

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