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Thread: creating rich textures

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    creating rich textures

    hey guys, ive checked out the photoshop tuts on here, and i was wondering if any of you all could suggest a place where i could learn more about creating textures for my sites. it seems like eveything i create has sort of a flat color look to it and i'd like to begin to create more feeling in my design. any suggestions or pointers on how to do this?
    -start a revolution.

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    wrong forum buddy...

    delete this and post it up in drawing and design!

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    ...Thread moved to D&D.

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    try using layer styles, to give your image things like depth and highlights, which make it less flat looking.

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    In PS, make a 2 color image (black/white), and doodle a wierd design on the page. Crop all but a small piece of the picture away, and then Save As Pattern (if I remember correctly) Open a new image, and then apply a texture to the layer, using your pattern, and see how it looks. Play with the settings, and you can make some neat effects. Try different doodles, and see what you come up with.
    Note: smaller images to make the pattern with end up with better results.

    Play with it, and have fun!!

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    hey guys, thanks for all the input and advice! ill give it all a go.
    -start a revolution.

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