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Thread: Curves race cars

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    Curves race cars

    Hi Folks,

    In this page

    In the example of race car we have a road generated by tires in line to the infinity. My Cuestions is " How I can simulate a curves with these tires??"

    Help me, please.


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    in that example making curves would look illogical because the tires are reused (when they are not visible they go back to the start) but to develop ur own code u could use math cuadratic equations or sine/cosine to make curves

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    Thanks for answer, This is my code:

    //The movie = 18 fps
    //Curve = 600 m
    //start curve = 50 m form start race

    //Resolve the velocity and space
    distancia = function () {

    velocidad = Math.round((cameraView.velocity)/(3.6*18));
    espacio += velocidad;


    // TIRES
    var radio = 0;
    displayTire = function () {
    var x = this.x-cameraView.x;
    var y = this.y-cameraView.y;
    var z = this.z-cameraView.z;
    if (z<0) {
    this.z += 3000;
    z = this.z-cameraView.z;
    var scaleRatio = focalLength/(focalLength+z);
    if (espacio>50 && espacio<650) {
    if (espacio>50 && espacio<349) {
    radio = ((espacio)-50)/(300*0.0222);
    this._x = this.x*scaleRatio+(0.05*z+scaleRatio)*radio/50*+1;
    if (espacio>349 && espacio<650) {
    radio2 = (650-espacio)/(300*0.0222);
    this._x = this.x*scaleRatio+(0.05*z+scaleRatio)*radio2/50*+1;
    } else {
    this._x = this.x*scaleRatio;
    // this._x = x * scaleRatio;
    this._y = y*scaleRatio;
    this._xscale = this._yscale=100*scaleRatio;

    Any suggestion???

    Si tienes dudas hablo espaņol de PM.

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    you can also read some more of the tut. he tells how to make rotation.
    3D is not simple you can't just ctrl+c it, you have to onderstand it


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