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Thread: 1px grids

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    1px grids

    How can I get 1px by 1px grids to work properly in PS7?

    It seems to give me weird off-rez grids all the time :-\

    really annoying...
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    r u trying to apply a grid pattern to a layer??

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    I dunno, I experience the same problem.... it seems they are only at the right measurements if you zoom way in - I dont know of any other way:-\


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    not sure how too in ps7 but i no ms paint does one...

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    1px by 1px is really small so I don't know if it's possible to do it in photoshop. Did it look off res before you saved it or after?

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    wow I feel like a total n00b....would someone mind elaborating for me what this discussion is a bout? I think I understand the grid

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    From what I understand, Eilsoe is trying to create a grid pattern that is 1px by 1px which is really small so it looks blurry unless you zoom in. He's trying to get it to look crisp.

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    wow so the grid line would be 1/2 of a pixel!! Never heard of that. I do know that illustrator and freehand allow. partial pixel stuff could you create the pattern there and import it somehow??

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    Well a 1px grid in Photoshop would look like it does below.

    Although it really is straight, the eye plays a trick on us that it is blurry because it cannot distinguish the colors in the area.

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    well thats interesting, I've never tried a 1x1 pixel grid, but that looks pretty cool Lost.

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    Gotta love patterns in Photoshop

    I created a new layer, zoomed all the way in, took the 1px pencil tool and created 3 dots, one corner, one on the side and one on the bottom.

    Then I took the square marquee tool, selected the 4 pixel area (total) then went to Edit/Define Pattern and made it a pattern. Then I deleted the layer, created another new layer, went to Edit/Fill and filled it with my pattern.


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    Wow I've made patterns before, but have never done something that small, thanks Lost for the input, I will use your method.

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    Aw geez

    I leave u alone for only a few hours, and u all go completely off-topic!

    I mean: The GRID BUILT-IN photoshop!

    Like the grid that can be of monster help in MS paint for instance

    Not a grid pattern, I can do that easily

    guys guys guys... hehe...

    I've decided to just use MS paint to make my basic pixel art, and then import to photoshop and then paint it...

    I was just stating that the grid (as small as it can get) in photoshop sucks major monkey butt... NOT patterns...
    site still under construction... going on 6 years now.

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    heehee I had the wrong idea from the start. But thanks lost I doubt ill ever do a grid that small but it is the mental rolodex. Thanks

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    thought that was what you ment, i had the same problem, it was in Ryall's thread a while back.
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