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Thread: eminem's house on ebay

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    eminem's house on ebay

    y'all probably already knew this but you can bid for eminems house on ebay. well, if you go to ebay and search for eminems house, theres a guy that took a picture of a cat looking at Eminem's house.. and its getting a lot of money. i think last time i checked it was up to 30.00.. thats stupid. and now my friend told me that people are coping the idea

    its stupid yet, funny - japp.

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    6th Generation cat is goign for 1.00.

    stupid people...
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    6th generation cat

    that is seriously the dumbest **** i have ever seen in my life!!!
    what is the point of that bull**** picture? lol

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    omg, i didn't know there was censorship on the word sh it. what else is censored....lets see
    **** stupid *** people
    *****es and hoes
    ah, i feel so bad! lol

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    I'll Eat All the Babies!

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    dan, i've never been on a message board with censorship, and i wasn't aware that this board had censorship until about 5 minutes ago. thats why i was seeing what i could and couldn't say......:-\

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    i want to sell a picture of me on ebay see how fast i'll go lol

    "Sold for .00002 cents"
    lol jk

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