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Thread: anyone know photoshop tuts..!?

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    anyone know photoshop tuts..!?

    i was looking through lots of photoshop created pictures and they look soo amazing! so i was wondering if anyone knew any tutorials because i'm really bad at drawing and stuff so if you know any plz tell me thx!

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    here you go!

    eils&oslashe has a ton too
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    cool thx that'll be enough to learn the basics for now

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    you will find tons in google/yahoo ....always try searching in those first

    ones i use for basics are
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    oh wow i found the motherload to links!!

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    cool i'll check those out later too thx

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    this is another HUGE list of tutorial sites

    some of them are pretty dodgy, and a few are broken links, but there are so many there that at least some of them are good

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    yup i got that as well, maybe we should create our own PS link thread or sumthing........

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    Scrolling through my favorites, I'v got TONS, heres a really good one:

    have fun!

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