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Thread: Flash/Design Contest

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    Sorry about that. I thought I had posted it already, but I wasn't sure, and I couldn't find it. Therefore, I decided to post it again. Anyways, Thanks!

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    Well I don't have the time to make something like this for just free, but good luck to the regular members. I will let dyms set a due date and the battle rules. It's for his site so I would have no clue what to do for a theme, colors, etc.
    I'll Eat All the Babies!

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    Well, that's the beauty of it. Everything is pretty much up to you guys as far as colors, etc. I wish we could use two designs somehow, and then we would have 2 seperate prizes. But I think for now we'll just go with the 1 prize/1 contest/1 winner. Maybe that'll be our next contest...

    Ted Hernandez
    AfterEfx, Inc.

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    This is interesting, i cant wait to see the submissions. For this one, I'll just watch on the sidelines.

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    Soooo... Is anybody going to join other than me? I'm just submitting something simple, buttons and stuff. I'll think about the intro.

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    Hey if that's the case, then it's going to be pretty easy for you.

    Electongeek, you might as well join in and give morse some competition.

    Ted Hernandez
    AfterEfx, Inc.

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    I would give some competition, but people don't like mods to enter battles or contests when prizes are involves, figures.....
    I'll Eat All the Babies!

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    haha It sounds like you really want to join in. I think I'm going to go back on what I said earlier. Since I came up with the contest, I ought to be able to set the rules, right?

    ** This contest will be open to EVERYONE. Mod or no mod.

    I don't think I should restrict someone for joining just because they have more experience. Morse, just because they have more experience doesn't mean you can't do better. People's tastes are different. This is going to be judged by myself and 3 others in my company. So what I'm trying to say is don't get intimidated!

    Here's what I'll do... Just to make it interesting, I'll give a $50 prize to the runner up! So to sum it up...

    1-Any experience level is welcome to join in.
    2-$50 goes to the runner-up

    Ted Hernandez
    AfterEfx, Inc.

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    Sounds good
    I'll Eat All the Babies!

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    so ur using hte battle to get free flash done...hehe i find that kinda wrong..but if its ok i guess its ok...i just hope we dont see a trend....peopel should get paid to do jobs

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    no thanks dyms, I wish I had the skill and the time to do stuff for free, but unfortunately I have to pay bills so I'm gonna be a spectator and not compete. good luck to the rest.

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    parabol did you even read the first post in the thread. dyms is offering a prize to the winner, assumptions can be a killer.....
    I'll Eat All the Babies!

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    yea, the one year free hosting sounds tempting....alas i suck at flash & PS, so i won't embarass myself by joining

    excuse my curiosity dym, if your company is a web design compnay...why are you "outsourcing" to a forum to get an intro for a company that is supposed to be creating intro's/web design for others? forgive me if this sounds stupid i'm a n000b

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    No problem. Actually the reason we aren't creating it ourselves is because we've been extremely busy lately. We keep meaning to redo our company website, but something else always comes up. Therefore, we decided to have someone else create it for us.

    As far as parabol and electrongeek, I'm not sure they read the new rules. There is a grand prize and a prize for the runner-up. It doesn't matter what your skill level is.

    Ted Hernandez
    AfterEfx, Inc.

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    fair enough

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