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    Counting list items in each TD with jQuery?

    Within each TD of the retailers div there is a UL, what I am trying to do is determine how many list items exist in each individual TD, if there is more than 1 list item I need to style it a specific...
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    JS: 360 Image Spin on Hover?

    I have two gear icons, and when you hover over the div I would like for them to spin, I have it working right now using the code, however, I am getting some odd...
  3. Do you have any idea how I would go about doing...

    Do you have any idea how I would go about doing that?
  4. 2 separate e-mail accounts to one Outlook inbox?

    I don't use Outlook personally, but a client of mine wants to know if he can have two separate Gmail accounts send to his one Outlook inbox, is this possible to do?
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