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Thread: transferring files between computers

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    transferring files between computers

    i have a bunch of naruto episodes i want to take off my laptop and put on my desktop. what is the best way to go about transferring the files, excluding burning them to cd's. For some reason my wireless router wont let both computers connect to it. And also both of my network cards on these computers are messed up, it says network cable unplugged even when the eithernet cables are in. I thought it was fixable by setting the duplex in the settings but its not working now.

    someone got an idea?

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    Place them in .zip's and upload them to a server (or Gmail).
    Get yourself a flash memory stick.

    I'm just packed with great ideas!

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    I would probably fix my network, but barring that borrow a mass-storage device from a friend and dump them onto there :b I use my iPod to transfer files daily between work and home, but any external mass-storage device will do : )

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    Oh yeah, P.S., about 10 hours until the 5th season finale, episode 130 airs. Are you as excited as me? : )

    Should be translated by tommorow morning if we're lucky since the new op/end is already done ; )

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    i've done this 2 weeks ago, transfered my files from my laptop to my new pc. got a usb-cable from a friend of mine, worked really well

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    yeah im excited, i love naruto. Im burning the first 50 episodes for a friend of mine

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    use flashdisks...of course!

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    i know, but i smashed mine a couple of months ago lol. It was an accident. They need to make those things tougher

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    Your ethernet cable probably isn't working because you're probably using a twisted cable where you need to use a straight cable. Check the cable at each end and see if they are wired the same.

    Either that or you havn't set up the network properly

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