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Thread: :( where is sxc.hu

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    :( where is sxc.hu

    anyone know whats going on with www.sxc.hu? the stock exchange photo place?

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    a crap, i hope its not down for good

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    they said the just had a problem with a server, they should be back

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    the lazy ninja
    yeah, its been down for a few days now. supposed to be back up this weekend..

    my portfolio AIM: lazygonzales
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    what is that site anyways?
    Member #2 of the "I wont critique Timmytot's designs anymore" club.

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    free stock photos

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    Free photos to use for your website and stuff?
    Member #2 of the "I wont critique Timmytot's designs anymore" club.

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    home cooking is killing the restaurant industry
    Quote Originally Posted by Seb Hughes
    Free photos to use for your website and stuff?
    Yes, basically..
    There are only 10 kinds of people in this world:
    Those that might know ternary, those that do, and those that don't
    Say NO to DRM.

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    Member #2 of the "I wont critique Timmytot's designs anymore" club.

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    Quote Originally Posted by j_polo9
    the stock exchange photo place?
    I thought you meant photos of the stock exchange

    I think you should visit my site.

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    lol, noo they keep saying its going to be up and its still not up

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    oh man, I love that place! I hope it's not down for good. That's where I get my cool wallpaper from.

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    pou-pou's Avatar
    Formerly know as gnu-
    sorry for this unexpected downtime. we're having trouble with one of our servers and we're going to have to install some new hardware. don't worry, stock.xchng will be back this weekend!
    Says googles cache

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    Muahaha its back! Can a mod change the thread title to like 'SXC.hu is back!!'

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    phew, thank god...thought we'd lost it for good there
    now with blog, click here

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