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Thread: Please point a PHP and MYSQL newbie in the right direction.

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    Please point a PHP and MYSQL newbie in the right direction.

    Hello folks. I'm posting this question after many days and nights searching the net for answers. I am looking for a simple tutorial that will let me pass information from a flash form to mysql database. I have already created the database, which will store the users name, email, and other information. The flash form contains input text fields and combo boxes with instance names assigned to them. I am looking for a php file that will allow me to transfer this information to the database. Could some one point me in the right direction? Any help you provide will be truly appreciated.

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    ch... failed to search kirupa's own site though


    thats a flash email form that connects to a php file to send mail right

    so basically the flash form is sending variables to a php file... which mails it... so why not have it go to mysql, i believe you have some knowledge of mysql so basically put the mysql script instead of the email stuff
    got pwnt?

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