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Thread: Is it possible to convert flash to pdf at runtime?

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    Is it possible to convert flash to pdf at runtime?

    Does anyone know of a server module/app or flash component (ie. an extension of the print() function) that will basically print a swf file with dynamically loaded content into a pdf file and then save it on a server.

    Basically at my company we are trying to make brochure template that clients can use to fill in their own images and text with flash, and then export that somehow to pdf.

    Thus far the only solutions i've come up with are using the fpdf php-class from www.fpdf.org, but that takes a lot of programming, and the blazePDF component also only works as a drawing API. Does anyone know of any method for taking what's been constructed and convert it without having to rebuild it? Thanks a gazillion.

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    I don't know of any pre-built app that will do the trick, it is going to take some programming.

    If you set up your SWF app in a way that stores all client created steps as data in a string format, then you can use PHP's PDF functions to pass the images/text/etc to a conversion script.

    It may seem complex at first, but once broken down into image/text/drawing-api functions, it's really just a step by step process, similar to conversion to JPEG/PNG using PHP's GD module, here's a basic example of that process: http://jerryscript.hostrocket.com/fl...wing2JPEG.html

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    this convert HTML to pdf

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    hi, if you have adobe acrobat complete , you can simply telll flash to print to pdf printer and it will create a pdf file

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