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Thread: PHP: fopen() and fread()

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    PHP: fopen() and fread()


    in my application there is a code block that looks something like this:

    PHP Code:
    $fp fopen($rssURL,"r"
    while (
    $data fread($fp4096))
    //process data

    the $rssURL is the location of an rss file on some website's server.

    so my question is: when does fopen() and/or fread() time out? is there any way to detect this? i don't want my script to sit there for hours trying to open one 2K file? can i set the limit?


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    php has it's max execution time - 30s
    after this time, script is stopped

    i prefer usign
    PHP Code:
    file_get_contents ($rssURL); 
    than fopen () + fread ()

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    yeah but i want to stop trying to open the file after about a second or two...ya know?

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    here it goes (not sure if working):
    PHP Code:

    $maxtime 3//3 seconds in this case
    $time_start time ();

    if (@
    $fp fopen ($rssURL"r")) {
        while (
    $data fread ($fp4096) && (time () - $time_start) < $max_time) {
    //process data

    edit: fixed "fopen" statement
    Last edited by fluid_tw0; March 6th, 2005 at 06:38 AM.

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    it needs to be on the fopen()...

    let's say the site with the RSS file i'm trying to pull is down. then i obviuosly can't pull the RSS file. it's weird though because it doesn't cause an error and die. it just sits there.


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    look @ the code AGAIN...

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    You may want to consider launching a CRON script that pulls the data and caches it locally, and then using your web code to parse the script once it's already on the filesystem.

    This has a few advantages -
    1) It doesn't slam their server if your server is busy.
    2) It doesn't hang your site if their server is down.

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