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Thread: executing PHP

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    executing PHP

    is there some command line interface tool i can use to run my php script? i've made a php script to use for a cron job and i want to test it - not in the browser and not with the cron.


  2. You can get Command Line (CLI) versions of PHP.

    Edit: Don't ask me anything about it though, I don't know. I stick to my CGI PHP.

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    Emmm... www.php.net is all I or anyone else can say...

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    You need to first find the file and chmod +x FILE.php

    After doing that: ./file.php

    Have fun Yay for PHP CLI!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jw06

    You need to first find the file and chmod +x FILE.php

    After doing that: ./file.php

    Have fun Yay for PHP CLI!
    That's only if you have the #!(shabang), which most PHP scripts don't. You probably want to execute

    $ php myfile.php
    You don't even have to chmod +x it, how's that for a bonus?
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    but where do I run the command? ssh? putty?

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    telnet or ssh, I presume???
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    SSH I recomend if you can.. use the She-Bang as Cyanblue said.
    Yea it will save the chmod stuff... but.. do it lol.

    In a SSH session with the server you can do it.

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