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Thread: Page Login Cookie!?

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    All the small things!

    Page Login Cookie!?

    Hello everyone, Im working on some ASP (pretty much just doing random things to learn ASP) and right now Im working on my own fake blog. Im trying to make something where people can sign up and update their own blog. I know how to add records and update and all that but as far as signing in how do I make it so they stay signed in until the sign out and how can I make it so they can only update their "blog"? Im trying to figure out how to pull their ID_no from the password row. Im using an Access database for this. Let me know if anything doesnt make sense!

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    To make a "remember me" feature you need to set a cookie on the client's machine. You should probably set two cookies: the member's userID and the member's password(this cookie should probably be encrypted). Then when someone visits your site you check to see if these cookies are set. If they are set and the password matches the password for the that userID(other cookie), then log them in automatically.

    To allow members to only update their blog you need to use session variables. Each session has information: is someone logged in?; what's their ID?; etc...
    When someone submits a new entry to their blog you insert it into the database using the session varaible(user ID).

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    All the small things!
    alright thanks a lot! That helps, I just need to know how to get the user ID from the row that the password is on.

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