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Thread: how to play .3gp files online?

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    how to play .3gp files online?

    Ok heres the deal

    I shot some movies through my fone i want my dad to see who knows very little computers and is not in india, i could have used quicktime option but as i said he does'nt know much about computers and i 'v tried explaing how to do it..but no fun (trust me!!) does anyone else have an idea on how i can stream these files?


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    Puttin' the 'utility' back into 'futility'
    can you not convert it to something else?
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    yes i can give it a try but to what format?
    i know it can be buffered using flash mx2004 but i dont know how either man i suck at this video stuff

    Bad things aren't supposed to happen to pretty people damn it! - nobody

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    yup quicktime, quicktime is pretty good!

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