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Thread: Fireworks Experiment (not the program)

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    Fireworks Experiment (not the program)

    Like fireworks fireworks, not macromedia fireworks.

    It's extremely CPU-intensive, though... lots and lots of particles. Maybe someone can optimize if possible? I would, but I think it's at its best with my limited knowledge.
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    I'd love for an swf (can't compile it, only live with mx)

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    Nice. My suggestions are to possibly sharpen it up a bit, and maybe increase the frame-rate when they're falling.

    Other than that, very impressive. Much better than what I could do.

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    The framerate's actually set to 36 fps. It's the alpha-channel processing that takes a whole load of CPU, dropping the fps.
    That, and a whole lot of floating-point math.
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    Very nice One strange thing though: most of the fireworks shoot out of the visible area
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    Jesus Christ, that's one awesome effect !

    I'm up for optimizing !
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    Heh, thanks!
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    Yeah, I love the effect you made! If you could make that a little smoother, I would have to say that that would be the best fireworks script ive seen!

    (maybe add a color change kind of like voet's fireworks??)

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    Voets is working on the smoothness, hope he can get somewhere with it.
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    Could you by any means provide an MX version? Or post the code?
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    wow that's nice.... on low quality it runs a bit better and doesn't look much worse

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    Very cool! Where the heck were you two months ago?

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    There wasn't much to optimize really - the CPU intensivity is just because of the many alpha animations and the amount of movieclips. I had it subtract and divide instead of add and multiply where possible for a slight speed increase, but the code itself is quite fine.

    Oh and, I made the alpha animations slightly faster, but not losing the effect.
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    Wait, what?

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