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Thread: How to activate php_mysql.dll under Apache for PHP5 on Windows

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    How to activate php_mysql.dll under Apache for PHP5 on Windows

    After stunning Syko with accomplishing this, I figured it may help some people here.

    1) Start the Apache monitor (Start > Programs > Apache HTTP Server [version] > Control Apache Server > Monitor Apache Servers).

    2) Stop the Apache server that is currently running. Keep the monitor open.

    3) Go to your Windows folder, look for php.ini, and open it up. Scroll down until you see a list of extensions like this:


    4) Remove the ; in front of extension=php_mysql.dll, and save the file. This is what it should look like now:


    5) Go to your PHP root directory (likely c:\php) and look for libmysql.dll. Copy this file to the Windows/System32 folder.

    6) Do the same for the file php_mysql.dll in the folder ext, which is also located in your PHP root folder (likely c:\php\ext\php_mysql.dll).

    7) Bring the Apache monitor back and start the Apache server again. Now, your PHP should be mysql ready
    Wait, what?

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    There was no 5th nor 6th step in my setup so that's why it wouldn't work
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    Well i think lots of p33ps will benefit from this small tut.. , ofcourse step 5 and 6 could be a little more explained differantly ( some users just dont get it, you will have to spell it out )

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