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Thread: ON Rollout-question

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    ON Rollout-question

    I created an image slideshow that starts its animation on mouse rollover/dragover.

    When the mouse rolls out, and rolls over again the mc starts from the beginning instead of starting off at the frame where the mouse rolled-out last.

    Is there an easy way to tell the movieclip to start from where the mouse last rolled out?

    Main time line: 1st frame: still image
    Main time line: 2nd frame: scrollbar component targeting my image slider movie clip.

    Right now the button that targets my image slide show has the following code assigned to it:

    on (rollOver, dragOver) {
    on (rollOut, dragOut) {

    Thanks to all the genius actionscripters.

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    can you post a link? from the sound of it you dont need to use scrolbar... simply have the slideshow in a movie clip and then put a stop command on frame 1 of the movie clip (stops slideshow playing)...then have:

    on (rollOver, dragOver) {
    on (rollOut, dragOut) {

    this will pause the movie...

    hope this helps im no expert but...

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    Thanks for your great advice!

    It works BUT I would like the movie to jump back to frame 1 (main timeline (still image) on rollout/dragout. And THEN when you rollover the button that targets the animated slideshow mc it should start where it last left off/paused (on last dragout).

    I would greatly appreciate your help.

    Unfortunately I don't have a link to it but would you mind me e-mailing the file to you?

    Ant help would be great! Thanks a lot!

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