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Thread: Open Word Doc without Plugin?

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    Open Word Doc without Plugin?

    Hey all, did a search for this and didnt find the info I needed... Heres what I'm looking for information on.

    I'm building a flash utility for my job. What i'd like it to do is this...

    One example is I will have 2 drop down lists, one with 2 letter combos, one with number combos. The user will pick these from the list based on what a System ID on our Machines are labeled.

    What I want flash to do is that once you click the "Open" button, Flash will open "driveletter:\folder\folder\dropdown1dropdown2.doc "

    I think I can get the code written up to do that. The main reason I'm posting is i'm wondering if word docs can be directly opened from a hard drive using flash without the use of a plugin. I know you can if the word doc is posted via the web...but these docs will be constantly changing and stored on a network drive, so I dont want to go that route. I'm hoping this can be done because while it wouldnt do a whole lot, it would cut some of the time it takes me to locate log files for administration purposes and things of that nature. I am horrible at explaining things, so please let me know if I wasnt clear on what I'm out to do. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    If they have Word installed, it will open up in Explorer...

    just a simple link will do.


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    If its opened within explorer, is it still fully editable? They will be log files that I want to have opened via the flash utility, then we will be able to enter the info and save it. Will what you just said allow for all this?

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    Unable to dance, I'll still crawl.
    nope, it is possible with php or asp and .txt files tho...

    once the file is downloaded and changed, don't forget that the end user still needs to upload that changed file to the server somehow... Flash can't do that alone. Neither can HTML.


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    Ah Ok, cause i was really hoping to do this all without any internet usage. I was hoping to access the files directly from the network drive that me and my colleage both have access to on our systems. This utility is going to be an EXE file that sits on the desktop, not web based.

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    Unable to dance, I'll still crawl.
    you still need to upload the changed file to the server somehow. even if it is just via local network, once it is changed, you still need to upload to a central location, so that the next person to grab it, gets the correct info.


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