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Thread: Qualify or not?

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    Qualify or not?

    Hi, I have read the rules, but my site is very borderline on some of these stuff, so please, moderators/judges, let me know if this site can at least qualify: www.skycastlestudios.com
    I emailed kirupa, but I figured I should post here as well just in case he doesn't get the email.
    It is a portfolio website, which functions much like a game, but it has quick links for navigation if you don't want to play the game. It also has an opening and ending animation, both of which you don't need to view, depending on whether you've been there before or not.

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    I get a 404 error

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    i get bandwidth limit exceeded

    shane-c....Your site is a lot like a transvestite in that respect.
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    The page cannot be displayed
    There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed.


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    Yeah, sorry, bandwidth hit the limit. I'm too poor to afford anything more than 10GB Anyway, I switched hosting on Friday night, and I switched the DNS entry that night, so it SHOULD be up by tomorrow hopefully.

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    Originally posted by kirupa
    I get a 404 error
    If you notice this notice you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing.

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    It's back up now. Kirupa, can you please check?

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    Yup its back alright and its a pretty impressive site. It takes a long time to preload
    Great job with the drawings and humour.
    Really impressive!

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