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Thread: About invisible movie clips...

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    About invisible movie clips...

    Is an invisible moviclip still in memory?
    I am trying to free some memory since i have lots of movie clips...
    Or i should rather delete them and then add them again?


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    Yes, they're still in memory — though, they're not necessarily rendered since their visible = false or if they're not on the display list. But rendering and memory are two separate things.

    If you remove them, stop their timeline, and make sure to clear all references to them, then yes, they should get garbage collected.

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    Thanks Creatify for the quick reply.
    So, what would be the best approach to deal with 4000+ mcs? Adding and removing at the same time?
    Since its a big picture matrix and i just want to show a small part (what is in the lense) of the entire picture as the user moves the lense around.


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    I'd assume 4000+ mcs is going to perform horribly if they're all on the stage at once. If all those clips are simply tiled next to each other forming one large 'image' — I'd draw all of those to one huge bitmapData. Then you can use scrollRect as a 'mask' or use blitting (can google that) to get performance where it needs to be. I haven't used it, but you may look into this as well — looks interesting.

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    Hello Creatify,
    Thanks for ur reply. I am not planning to load all of them at the same time, but just the ones that are inside of a "lense" that i am trying to create.
    I checked ur link and it is something like that (thanks by the way).
    But i have to do it on my own... :-(

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