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Thread: connecticut legalizing medical marijuana

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    connecticut legalizing medical marijuana

    This is big news for connecticut. Although I do not use marijuana myself, I think this is a step in the right direction and I am happy to see the law pass

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    Just for the sake of argumentation, why is it great news for Connecticut? Are there many ill people that would benefit from medical marijuana in Connecticut, or does the area have particulary suited soil for marijuana growth?

    I assume the medical industry will profit, not sure why Connecticut would though?

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    Noo doot aboot it, eh?
    I think access to a relatively safe treatment for many disorders could be seen as a benefit for an entire state.
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    Maybe getTimer() or TweenMax is the answer to your problem . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCanadian View Post
    I think access to a relatively safe treatment for many disorders could be seen as a benefit for an entire state.
    I'm not unaware of marijuana as a treatment. The research has shown effects for THC, Cannabinol and Marinol. And with your belief in the cessation product paradigm - TheCanadian - it will at least treat something

    So? How is it distributed? Pills, aerosols or cigarettes?
    Smoking it can't be healthy?

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