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Thread: game sponsorship - demo or full version

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    game sponsorship - demo or full version


    when contacting a sponsor do I have to upload a demo-version of my game or the full version? I just ask because it's the first time that I do this kind of stuff.


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    it depends on what stage of development you're in

    - if you have an unfinished game, but have demo version that is impressive enough to gain interest, and you're seeking further development funding, then it could work depend on the submission criteria of the portal and the strength of the concept or mechanic - but successful acceptance on a project of a development nature is also often coupled with your experience and reputation

    - most portals are not going to purchase a license on an unfinished version, but if you have both, and the demo is sufficient to show the game in the best possible light, a demo can be better so as not to give away the farm - but also this depends on the requirements of the portal's submission policy - and you should only ever submit your work to reputable, established companies

    - however, there are also channels for you to advertise your game for bid, safely, to a wide variety of sponsors, or even distribute it yourself, such as FlashGameLicense or MochiAds

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    Take a look at: flashgamelicense.com

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    I'd also consider adding mochiads to the flash game, you can then negotiate to take them off, leave them on (for extra income) or launch it without a sponsor but maybe with an advert to make versions of the game for a fee.

    Good luck.
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