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Thread: XML Loader

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    XML Loader

    Hi. I want to create a flash movie that uses XML to load some data. I want each line of data to appear one by one when a user clicks on the screen. So far I have all my data added to the screen but I'm not sure how to write the clicking mechanism for this.

    I've managed to remove an object by clicking on it, but I don't know how get that object back. Ideally I'd like each object to be shown one item at a time.

    My Document Class Follows

    package  {
    	import flash.display.MovieClip;
    	import flash.text.TextField;
        import flash.events.MouseEvent; 
    	public class MuppetsDoc extends MovieClip {
    		public var myData:XML = <data>
    				<a>Kermit the Frog</a>
    				<b>Jim Henson</b>
    				<a>Miss Piggy</a>
    				<b>Frank Oz</b>
    				<b>Frank Oz</b>
    				<a>The Swedish Chef</a>
    				<b>Jim Henson/Frank Oz</b>
    		public function MuppetsDoc() {
    			// constructor code
    			//muppets_txt.text = myData.item[2].a.length();
    			var aTxt:String = myData.item[2].a.text();
    muppet_name0.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToKermit);
    function fl_ClickToKermit(event:MouseEvent):void
    	muppet_name0.visible = false;
       if (muppet_name0.visible == false) {
            //if it is make them invisible
            muppet_name0.visible = false;
        } else {
            //otherwise make them visible
            muppet_name0.visible = true;
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