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Thread: CS5.5 Font embedding horror (bug, not "does anyone know how to embed fonts?")

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    Font embedding horror [bug]

    I am using three fonts of the Helvetica typeface,
    embedding them with the embed metatag, font files inside project, openType.

    I noticed that for some reason the bold font looks identical to the roman font.

    After 4 hours of ____, and testing with five fonts, it turns out that:

    if i change the name of all the font files at once, and change the reference to them in the code, all of the fonts work the first time i publish. the second time i publish (without any changes except pressing publish a second time) some fonts overwrite others, randomly, for instance :

    roman looks like roman
    bold looks like roman,
    light looks like roman,
    black looks like black,
    rounded looks like black.

    could be anything, i cant predict what will overwrite what.

    the only way i can make sure that flash embeds all of the fonts, is to change *all* of their names and publish.

    additional info:
    second time i publish the swf filesize is much smaller than first time ( -flash really doesn't embed anything)
    traces to which fonts are registered show all fonts are there,
    no errors
    using distinct fontnames
    publishing cache disabled
    restart doesn't help

    flash cs5.5
    fdt 4
    flex 4/air 3 sdk
    windows 7

    The problem isn't critical since i found the workaround, but it was/is so annoying, and i'd really be happy if anyone knows what could it be, even if i find out after i finish.

    Thanks people
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    i *think* that this is related to the TFLTextFields - are the fields TFLs? if i remember right, there was something about the order of instantiation that isn't quite right/with a generated swc file (?) or something - i think that there is a solution but it's a bit messy - as a result i think most people don't use them, opting for a regular ole classic field instead - save the headache

    here's something

    this one has loads of info

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    because it's the same typeface, even thought you've embedded each version (bold, italic, etc) when you set your text try setting:

    for bold
    yourTextField.htmlText = "<b>"+whatever+"</b>";

    for italic
    yourTextField.htmlText = "<i>"+whatever+"</i>";

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    Thanks for the replies, but both solutions wont work -
    1 i used normal textfields created at runtime
    1a size of swf different at export - meaning problem at embed level

    2 i used for testing 5 fonts of the same typeface, only one of them was bold and theoretically could be referenced with <b>
    i embedded them with unique names, and all as fontweight:normal, fontstyle:normal,
    since flash was giving me transcoding error when i tried to declare the bold font as bold

    i cant think of anything that could behave this way other than cache related bug, since publishing a 2nd time changes things...

    So far i solved it by making a separate swf for fonts, making sure they were allright once, and then i dont touch that swf when i keep working on the main program. still very annoying bug

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