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Thread: building a simple jQuery plugin

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    Clipboard building a simple jQuery plugin

    hello ..
    I basically have a load of code using jQuery, that I now realise I have to add an if statement to every on('mouseenter') event I have depending on whether or not a boolean is true or false.
    Ok - easy. But I wish to build a jQuery plugin (at the most simplest level), so that my query will continue and chain - or break. Is there a jQuery method that already exists that does that?

    var myBreak = true;
    jQuery.fn.makeOrBreak = function(v){    
    // break chain or query
    if(v != true){
    // keep calm and carry on
    // usage example
    $('#id').makeOrBreak(myBreak).hide(); // boolean is true so '#id' is allowed to chain and 'hide()'
    maybe there's easier ways - but it's interesting to build a plugin. And I have around 40 mouse overs ive got to plug an if statement into ...
    Any pointers!?

    PS am i in the right forum?!

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    I would write that like this:
    myBreak && $("#id").hide();
    This evaluates as "If myBreak == true, hide the element"
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    handy tip! Shorthand is so confusing when you start learning code - but brilliant when sailing.

    Still - is it possible to break out of the chain in jQuery?

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    Still - is it possible to break out of the chain in jQuery?
    Just return something else other than the jquery collection object in the function:

    jQuery.fn.test = function() {
       return false; // Breaks the chain
    This will break the chain, but will obviously generate errors if there are function calls after it. If you know what methods are going to be called you can create a mock object that has the same methods. Your mock object to return if you knew the hide() method was going to be called would be something like this:

    var mock = {
        hide: function() {
             return this;
    jQuery.fn.test = function() {
       if (true) {
           return mock;
       } else {
           return this;

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