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Thread: Align in div

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    Align in div

    Hello. Basically, on this page (http://www.media displays.tv/cs.php)I simply want to align the text/link 'read case study' to the bottom of that section. So that it is inline with the bottom of the image to the left of it.

    I've found a few answers to this question but none seem to fit my situation, perhaps my code is a bit messy somewhere?

    Thanks in advance...

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    I could still use some assistance with questions to this problem but have sprites up and running enough to pass validation for now with it. Thanks !!

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    try adding changing your style sheet

        font-size: 10px;
        float: right;
        margin:100px 0;
    add the extra line, adjust the 100px to your needs, its not the perfect solution but works.

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    If you set one of the container elements to relative positioning you can absolutely position the link relative to it's container. Something like the example below would work. I'd suggest that unless you are re-using the style applied to these elements that you refer to the container with an ID instead of a class, that will make the style less ambigious.

    div.video {
         position: relative;
    div.video .smalllink {
         position: absolute;
         bottom: 18px;
         right: 0;

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