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Thread: BOT - wars!

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    BOT - wars!

    Welcome to BOT-WARS
    The battle of AI!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The goal for YOU is to write an AI-bot, clever enough to be the last AI standing in a one-on-one gun fight.

    Two BOTs has already been prepared for you. mrGreen and mrBlack.
    They are fearsome, but not unbeatable...

    How to:

    Download the FlashBot.as file and BOT files below, place all .as files in the same folder and load FlashBot.as as the documentClass. Run the project. You should have two bots fighting each other.
    Rewrite one of the bots classes to suit your ideas about the best AI. Submit in this thread and we will figure out a fair way to test your BOT later.


    -Winning bot has the most energy left when one bot pass below zero.
    -The two bots fight on an area of 500x500 pixels.
    -At start, each bot has 10000 units of energy.
    -the cost of firing a bullet: 15 units
    -being hit by a bullet: -150 units.
    -reload takes 10 turns
    -each travel in distance, cost the same amount in energy units.
    -maximum distance per turn is 2.
    -food containing energy units is placed after 200 turns.
    -food contains 1000 units and will be received once "eaten".
    -shooting on food will decrease the foodvalue with 25 units
    -Your AI should only use the public vars provided in the bot-classes in the attached files.


    -Aiming is done on a location basis. Aiming at coordinate 0,0 will fire a bullet at 0,0 from you bots location.
    -Movement is relatively defined and exceeding the allowed amount of 2 units in distance will ignore the desired movement.
    -Moving outside the bounds of 500x500 will gently force you back to the war area. No penalty.

    Do you have improvements for this battle?
    Don't hesitate to share. Be prepared to write improvements yourself.


    I placed a repository with the attached files on github. There are some things that needs to be changed but I haven't had time yet (also, I'm not sure how to use github just yet...).

    20120329 - NEW FlashBot.as file - added support for multiplayer and fixed a bug with the doFire boolean
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Registered User
    ohh man this sounds fun, I wish I had time to participate

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    Awesome, Im gonna give it a go(even though I have no experience with AI whatsoever)
    As3 / JS/jQuery / HTML5 / CSS(3) / PHP (intermediate)

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    Anyone willing to port it to js? lnsiu?

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    I think I can do that, would be an awesome exercise
    As3 / JS/jQuery / HTML5 / CSS(3) / PHP (intermediate)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kadaj View Post
    Anyone willing to port it to js? lnsiu?
    That is an interesting question. I saw yesterday, looking for resources, that there is an annual google AI challenge, and I haven't had time to read up, but they use several different script languages, and a real time environment to try out their AI? The Idea with a common pool of bots is interesting, but I have no idea how they do it?

    The google AI challenge can also be found on github.

    If anyone is located in Brighton I found this as3 AI competition:
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    I totally don't have experience with java but this does look like a great way to learn.

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    I think we tried this a few years ago and I think it never panned out. Hopeful for this one, though :-)

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