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Thread: What is the safest minimum version of Flash Player to allow?

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    Fla Script What is the safest minimum version of Flash Player to allow?

    I have dropped our facebook flash game down from flash player 10 to flash player 9, just to hit as many users as possible.

    However, in our web page we set the minimum version and post up the expressInstall.swf if the version is incompatible. Should we just set this to 9.0.0, or is there a later build of 9 that would be best.

    Looking here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adobe_Flash_Player would suggest would be the 'safest' version with security fixes.

    I might be making mountains out of molehills here, and the security aspect isn't worth worrying about, but I'm interested to hear what other people have done and if there is a good reason to go for the latest version of the older player, the oldest version of the latest player, etc..

    Any feedback appreciated,


    : D

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    The latest version is the safest. I think we also do backports for security one release back (which is now 10, not 9), but the latest is the greatest and safest

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    If anyone would know it would be sen! lol. According to Mike Chambers Flash Player 10 was released in October of 2008 (link). If someone hasn't updated their Flash Player in over 3 years it might be time to give them that push...lol

    I will disagree with one thing though, Flash Player 11 on my iMac (running OSX 10.7.2) has been less than 'the greatest'... flash intensive sites like 1stavemachine.com lag heavily and crash my browser (any browser I use) since updating, but I just attribute that to the fact that Flash and Macs never really played well together in the first place.... probably from lack of cooperation from Apple or whatever. Not really sure.

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    I'll revise: "latest and safest". The cost of safety often takes away from the greatness :/

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