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Thread: Encrypt ActionScript in SWF

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    Afrostyle Encrypt ActionScript in SWF

    Does anyone know really working encryption, obfuscation software to make it a bit harder to decode the source from SWF?

    I have tried demo from html magic, it doesn't work at all, after protecting swf it wont play, loader finishes the job and I am left with blank page

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    SWF Encrypt is the only I know that seems to do what it says on the tin. But even that isn't foolproof. Basically, if something can be obfuscated, it can also be unobfuscated. The only really working way to prevent anyone from decompiling your code is to not put it online in the first place.
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    Thanks I will have a go with the one you mentioned. You are absolutely right about not publishing online to be perfectly sure. But if you are not popular and very few people know your site it may actually help as the real hackers won't even know about the stuff to decrypt even if they knew they wouldn't probably bother anyway

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