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Thread: Question on FLASH SWF and SWC and media

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    Question on FLASH SWF and SWC and media

    Dear all,
    Question on FLASH SWF and SWC

    I wish to save my flash outpout (SWF) as an SWC file in which I also include all media files (mp3s) that are part of my Flash application. Currently these files reside in folders under my main library where all flash entities (AS3 code, buttons graphics etc reside)

    What software do I need to use to accomplish that?
    I now work in CS4 under winXP

    If possible, please describe the precise steps in detail as I am a noob.

    Thanks in advcance,
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    there is an option to publish swc file too in the publish settings

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    Quote Originally Posted by holysocks View Post
    there is an option to publish swc file too in the publish settings
    I did that, with the option "export as SWC" ticked on, what I get then is a file that seems to be of type "Flash Component File"; is that the same as SWC??

    It also seems rather small in size (1.8MB) compared to the FLA which, including mp3 files in the library, is ca 18MB.

    PLS advice

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