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Thread: BlockHeads

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    Great, now even Kirupa is { facebooking | twittering }

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    This is very cool but one could argue it's not primarily made of squares.
    (Too many walls.)

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    I agree and will except disqualification, but thank you for the complement.

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    If you zoom in (not at the snarky pixel level ), you can see that almost everything is made up of squares. That by itself makes it a valid entry.

    Great, now even Kirupa is { facebooking | twittering }

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    yea that's what I meant to say.

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    speechless.. just awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Thanks for your kind words, I was actually going to remove it soon when i got around to it. Perhaps I'll leave it a bit longer

    I created it about a year ago out of boredom without regard for performance. When the contest came along i thought, why not. Some time i plan to come back to this, i know i can increase the performance a lot, maybe make a game out of it or something

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    Really awesome i need to know which versions you have used and you how become so creative.I really congrats you from bottom of my heart.

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    Looks great.

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