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Thread: PowerPoint Presentation

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    PowerPoint Presentation

    Hi "Flashers",

    What are your thoughts on the best way to include a PowerPoint Presentation in a Flash MX site? Any help is appreciated.


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    make it in Flash

    or breeze

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    Powerpoint Presentation


    The presentation was already done by someone else in PP and I don't have access to the original files in the presentation.

    Thanks for the quick response :-).


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    which is where breeze comes into play.

    otherwise you might just consider saving out the pp slides and importing them into flash.

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    PowerPoint Presentation

    Thanks, have never worked with Breeze or saved out a PP presentation.....yet another challenge....:-).

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    Well I deal with PPT presentations all the time. Loverly blue faded BG presentations by doctors that I use in Director for CDs. For those I always export to tiff. For Flash, however, you might want to use something like WMF so you keep text and vector shapes as text and vector shapes as opposed to flattening them out as bitmaps... though you might end up needing to do that in the end if you're having problems with formatting (and if you don't feel like re-doing them in Flash). I guess it all depends on your target bandwidth.

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    PowerPoint Presentation

    Thanks again, much appreciated!

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