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Thread: why only load 45% before the content page?

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    why only load 45% before the content page?

    Hello, friends. I have a loading bar in the first frame of my flashfile, but when I test it on the server, it shows always loading only 45% and then goes to the content page. I wonder how to make it so that it can load 100% and then goes to the content page?

    I have my code like

    ypbyte = this.getbytestotal();
    ypkb = math.round(ypbyte/1024);
    loadbyte = this.getbytesloaded();
    process = math.round((loadbyte/ypbyte)*100);
    loading._xscale = process;
    if (process<100) {
    gotoAndPlay("loading", 1);
    else {

    The loading bar is name loading
    and the dynamic textfield has the var name as process

    Does anyone has any idea about that? Thanks very much in advance and wait for your reply?

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    Well the code looks ok to me. Maybe its just your computer? do you have the site so i can see if the same thing happens on my computer?

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    this question is probably asked every day. Search the forums and an answer you may find.

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    What is the length of your load bar? Isn't that part of the process somewhere?
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    yes, it is only around 45% of the process. Is it because of the browser or because there is error in my code? Thanks in advance!

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    Nope, no code error, no problem with the browser.
    Originally posted by senocular
    this question is probably asked every day. Search the forums and an answer you may find.
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    doesnt use scenes either
    do you have movies and stuff attached from the library?

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