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Thread: Photoshop autoscroll help

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    Photoshop autoscroll help

    Does anyone know how to turn off or atleast extend the boundaries for photoshop to autoscroll the document.

    Example. If you select a marquee and head towards the corner, photoshop automatically scrolls the document super fast.

    If your drawing a gradient and you move towards any edge of the screen photoshop simply autoscrolls the document if the doc is large.

    Any inputs on how to disable or lower the speed?

    Many thanks in advance....!!!

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    Is this windows tweak probs or Photoshop related?

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    i think it's the ****ty GPU 'acceleration'.. Just browse in the prefs to remove it.

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    Sure will take a look at it.
    I tried in Flash and paint but doesnt happen over there. So I guess its application specific problem.
    A fellow colleague tried the same thing in Photoshop and got the same probs. No solution from her either.
    But thanks anyway

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    Two "solutions":

    This is a problem with the selection tool.
    1: while making a selection, use the space bar to move/re-center the view so you don't hit the auto-scroll area.
    2: Hit the F key until you're in fixed window mode. In this mode the auto-scroll feature never kicks in.

    I couldn't find any other way to turn off this feature, unfortunately.

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