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Thread: Saving files in a package

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    Saving files in a package

    I would like to create an application whereby users can load in a number of files (images), manipulate them (move them about, basically) and then save the results. Easypeasy.

    Now, my users typically aren't the most IT-literate people in the world (teachers, basically) and will struggle to understand that in order to use the results elsewhere, they will be required to move all the images and the data file (xml, probably) to whatever computer they need to use it on, re-install the app and then put the files in the appropriate directory to be loaded in.

    So, to minimise how complicated this will be, I'd like to create a package (a .zip, perhaps - although I'd prefer a bespoke filetype) that contains the xml and the images, meaning that only one file needs to be moved, which can then be loaded in either via a load dialog, double-clicking it or even drag-drop onto the open app.

    Is this possible?

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    Link seems to indicate that reading from a zip file is possible.

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    A bit more research seems to indicate that I can store everything in a ByteArray, using the jpgEncoder class from as3corelib to encode the images into it and then appending the relevant data to the end.

    Does this seem realistic? I've never used the ByteArray class before.

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    No-one got any idea about this?

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