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Thread: AS3 Show and Hide MovieClip Buttons

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    AS3 Show and Hide MovieClip Buttons

    Hi Guys and Girls,

    i know this question has probably been asked alot of times now, but im still unsure...

    I was looking to make 2 buttons; one that hides a movieclip that is playing on a slide, and one that shows it again. I've heard theres a few ways to do this but none of them are making much sense to me (i previously made some buttons that play, pause and stop a movieclip, and i think im stuck in the wrong frame of mind to do these next 2 buttons...)

    Any help as to how to tackle this task would be greatly appreciated


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    You need to add the mouse click event listener to your buttons then use visible or alpha property to hide and show the buttons.

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    I have attached a simple fla which has the functionality you desire.

    It requires Flash CS3 and is written in AS3.
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