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Thread: Navigatin to double URL (popup and reloading the page)

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    Navigatin to double URL (popup and reloading the page)

    I have a banner on my site that opens popup into another window, but I need to close sound on the site that is open at another browser.
    Easiest way to solve my problem (descripted below) is to navigate from one button to two pages, other is popup and other should reload the page again.

    I have noticed that this wont work:
          function buttonPressed(event:MouseEvent){
              var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://page.com");
                navigateToURL(request, "_self");
                var address:String = "http://videopage.com/video/movie.html";
                var jscommand:String = "window.open('" + address + "','PopUpWindow','height=780,width=980,toolbar=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=yes');";
                var url:URLRequest = new URLRequest("javascript:" + jscommand + " void(0);");

    I have one page that is build up with separate flash shows. Including one that has sound on it. Easiest way to outclude the sound is to reload page without including the php/flash file where the sound is. (yeah, I know this sounds really confusing, but this is how the page is build).

    So now I need a button that opens new popup and on the same time reloads the site where the banner is.

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    Attach Flash files. Will try to solve it

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    We can use ExternalInterface class to call javascript function written in the html page.

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    Cant you make an example from the as code of the button? There's nothing special in the flash files. only short animation that opens video into popup, and like I said problem is the double sounds, I should somehow shut down music of the page (which is separate flash show included with php, so I should reload html page without including that flash show..)

    Can you give an example of ExternalInterface class for calling javascript function on html page?

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    Navigatin to double URL popup and reloading the page

    I believe you can change your getURL to open up in "_blank" new window in other words which will ignore the new tags. Or did you not want it opening in a new window?MD

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