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Thread: Is this possible/good idea?

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    Is this possible/good idea?

    I want to encourage my forum users to help in advertising my website. The general idea is they put a link on websites and i reward them for the number of hits through this link.

    The basis is they take the link and add their name to the end for example

    when someone comes to this link they are redirected to the main site and in sql paul gets 1 "click"

    There would need to be some control, such as IP filtering to stop someone cheating for example but in all would this be possible? and do you think its a good idea?

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    It would be possible. It would work well as long as people don't start spamming other sites, because then that makes you look bad.

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    And I guess i can use site stat tools to determine if someone is abusing it or not and punish them!

    So assuming the theory whats the best way to do it? In your opinion?


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    What's the name of your site so we know the source to ban when they start spamming here
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    Do something like this (not tested at all):
    PHP Code:

    mysqli_query($c"UPDATE users SET referrels=referrels+1 WHERE username = " mysql_real_escape_string($_GET['user']));
    header"Location: http://www.domain.com/redirect-to-new-page.php" );
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    Might want to do it by a hashed user id or something instead of the username, just so it doesn't look so obvious
    Let us live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry. - Mark Twain
    Don't PM me your CSS, xHTML, JS or PHP questions. I will not reply to ANY IE6 questions.

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    Yeah, I'd at least use the user id instead of the user name, but he stated he wanted them to be able to do it themselves, and it'd be easier with the user name. Although it would be easy enough to add a link in the users control panel so they can just copy and paste it.

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    Did you get inspired by this How to spam like a pro?
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    Wouldn't it be a simple thing to create a script which fetches the PHP site several times a minute, and since the site doesn't care what you do with the contents, and only that the PHP address was accessed, it wouldn't notice all those fetches.

    Perhaps you could have some sort of IP address lock that only let's each IP address click once every 24 hours. Don't tell users this limit is in place, but still log the excess hits, and if you see 100s of hits coming from 1 IP address, you know someone is trying to cheat the system.
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