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Thread: Adding a Shape inside a Sprite

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    Adding a Shape inside a Sprite


    I am trying to place a rectangle Shape inside a square Sprite, as its child. But, the child rectangle show up outside the sprite, instead.

    Also, the click handler event of the sprite reports the error "The supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller".
     import flash.display.Sprite; 
     import flash.display.Shape;
     import flash.text.TextField;
     import flash.events.MouseEvent;
     public class Shapes extends Sprite
      var square: Sprite = new Sprite();
      var rect: Shape = new Shape();
      public function Shapes()
       square.graphics.lineStyle(4, 0xFF66CC);
       square.graphics.drawRect(250, 35, 175, 175);
       rect.graphics.lineStyle(2, 0xFF6600); 
       rect.graphics.beginFill(0xFFCC00, 1); 
       rect.graphics.drawRect(25, 75, 150, 100); 
       square.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickHandler);
      function clickHandler(ev: MouseEvent): void
       removeChild(rect);    // it reports error.
    Any suggestion, please!

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    You added the rect to the square. It should be "square.removeChild(rect);", or you could do "rect.parent.removeChild(rect)". Since the event listener was added to the square, you could also do "evt.currentTarget.removeChild(rect)"

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    Yes, it was one mistake. But, still I am logically expecting the child rectangle should fall inside the square sprite. Isn't it? Please clearify my this confusion, as well.

    Thanks and regards.

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    It does fall inside the square Sprite, just not the square graphics because you draw the square at (250,35) and you draw the rect at (27,75). The square Sprite is at 0,0 with a graphic drawn at 250,35.

    If you change rect.graphics.drawRect(25, 75, 150, 100); to rect.graphics.drawRect(250, 75, 150, 100);, is that closer to what you were hoping to see? Or did I misunderstand completely?

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    Your are quite right. It is mid-night and probably, I am too sleepy.

    Thank you very much and have a nice time.


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