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Thread: Server sending email slowly?

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    Server sending email slowly?


    I have a generic PHP-powered email form set up which sends an email to me with whatever message the user inputs.

    I've been making some enhancements to the form and have been uploading the modified PHP to test.

    The server seems to send the email incredibly slowly, which makes it hard for me to work quickly, using my trial and error system. Does anyone know what determines how fast the server sends the email, and if I can speed it up?

    I end up waiting 5-15 minutes to receive the email I've sent to test it out... it's just so tedious. Would be so much more convenient if it was instant.

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    you cant speed it up... your email will just get listed on the bottom of the mail queue... and will be served whenever the server is set to start mailing... most servers do this imidiatly, but some servers have a fixed time on when to send emails.

    you might be able to send email faster by communicating with an external smtp server, explained here, but i personally think thats going a bit to far for just sending emails...

    You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public.

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    Thanks for your help

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