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Thread: php flash and mysql

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    php flash and mysql

    Hello all great coders,

    Here is the second hurdle I am facing while trying to learn flash, php and mysql .I am trying to display the “section_title” in the flash ( Kindly view the database details). The name of the database is “flash_test” and the table name is “stiedata”.

    I attached herewith the fla, the respective php files and the database details in the .txt file. Can anybody have some time to look into it where I am going wrong?

    One more thing is there any method to know that the php scripts I am trying contain an error. I tried with wamp installed in my pc.

    Please help me.



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    Hello Mr. Worthless,

    Just so you know, most people don't like downloading .zip files from forums. I think you'll get a lot better luck if you just put all your individual files out there.

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    The first thing you'll want to do is run your PHP file manually (as opposed to having Flash read from it) and see if it prints out the correct information. From what I can see in the post above, it should print out the ids and titles of each entry in your table in the LoadVars format. This will tell you whether your PHP code is correct, and whether it is set up correctly on your server.
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    Thanks Voetsjeba for your quick reply. Actually I am new bee here and what I do so far is that in my WAMP ( local server) I copied all the files along with the swf file( www folder) and test the swf in a browser and it did not print ids or titles. Dose it means that my php file is wrong. Shall be glad if you take a look at my codes and give me some assistance so that I can overcome this one and learn something from you.

    Once again many thanks for your quick reply.


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    Waiting for some reply from anyone.

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    Thanks deanpowel71

    Can YOU please explain what does it mean "Firstly try running the PHP file manually" Do I have to run the php file in a browser and to see whether it will reflect all the information I need. Actually it connects one database now for that how can I test it. Can u please give some light in this matter and instruct me as I am new in php and mysql.
    Thanks for the response.

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